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Car Shipping to USA

Shipping your car from the Europe to USA with EuroTrans Cargo

Weekly Car Shipping by Container and RoRo from Europe to the USA

EuroTrans Cargo offer professional car and auto shipping services direct from all main Europe ports to and from the USA. We have been shipping cars to North America for over 20 years and our network of agents throughout the USA offer bespoke customs clearance and delivery services to all US states.

RoRo Car Shipping

We offer Roll on Roll off services for cars, SUVs, autos, motorhomes, trucks, vans and buses. All sailings are direct from the UK ports of Liverpool or Southampton to all Ro Ro ports in the USA including; Baltimore, New York, Norfolk, Brunswick, Miami, Charleston, Galveston, Jacksonville, Port Hueneme and Tacoma.

Container Car Shipping

As an alternative to our Ro Ro services we also provide containerised car shipping to the USA for vehicles to be secured and shipped inside their own dedicated 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. Our Car Shipping container services operate on weekly departures from the main UK ports of Bristol, Felixstowe, Grangemouth, Liverpool and the Port of London with transit times to the East Coast in as little 8 days, Gulf ports from 14 days and the West Coast in only 22 days.

Proven to be the safest system for shipping cars overseas, the R-Rack system now allows us to ship every week, direct to all main American ports with considerable savings to our clients and with the added benefit of more frequent sailings and faster transit times.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Europe to the USA?

See below for indicative car shipping costs for the major US destinations. Rates are current at the time of writing but may vary depending on the exact destination and vehicle dimensions. Please check with us prior to booking. Rates are port to port shipping only, and exclude duties and taxes, car collection costs, and re-delivery (if required) at the destination.
This table should be used as a guide only. To receive an accurate quote specific to your destination and vehicle dimensions, please contact us.

Car Shipping UK to USA Costs

Destination Standard Saloon Car SUV / 4×4
Baltimore £603 £729
Brunswick £729 £958
Charleston £729 £958
New York £856 £1005
(50 miles to Houston)
£761 £941
Port Everglades
(30 miles to Miami)
£742 £927
(327 miles to Miami)
£603 £729
Port Hueneme
(70 miles to Los Angeles)
£1091 £1267
San Diego
(120 miles to Los Angeles)
£1091 £1267
(35 miles to Seattle)
£1259 £1475