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R-Rak Car Shipping

What is R-Rak?

R-Rak is an innovative, safer method of shipping cars in containers.

Designed, tested and built by renowned vehicle racking systems manufacturers Trans Rak International, this unique car shipping system means that 4 standard saloon cars can now be loaded safely into standard ISO shipping containers. This provides for safe and secure shipping with the world’s premier container shipping lines.

R-Rak has now been adopted by some of the world’s largest car manufacturers who trust that their new vehicles can now be shipped safely and more efficiently in containers.

R-Rak is a removable car racking system that allows a wide variety of vehicles to be efficiently containerised. The R-Rak maximises the number of vehicles that can be safely loaded into one container by raising and securing vehicles into the roof space. The system can be installed into virtually any container and removed upon arrival for repositioning.

The R-Rak packs up into a small pod where it can be relocated, fitting up to 60 pods into a 40ft high cube container.

The new R-Rak system now allows us to ship on weekly container vessels direct from the UK, and we are proud to offer this innovative service on our vehicle shipments to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Cyprus

For a quote to ship your car overseas using R-Rak or any of our other methods, please contact us.